My treatments are for everyone, not just celebrities, which is why I ask my clients for feedback. I want to make sure everyone feels pampered as well as getting the best out of my treatments. 
  1. Dr. Christine
    Bespoke Facials

    "As an Aesthetic Doctor specialising in wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers, I have no hesitation in recommending Shane's bespoke facials to my clients to complement their treatments.

    Shane makes you feel instantly at ease and his bespoke facials will help to rejuvenate and tighten the skin leaving it noticeably smoother."
  1. Claire P.
    LipoFirm pro on thighs

    "At first I was so nervous about seeing Shane for a treatment. I have always been a bigger woman and was not sure he would be able to help me. Once I met Shane he made me feel so relaxed and comfortable.

    His treatments are like no other, he has reduced my cellulite and my legs look so much better. I’ve never felt more confident.
  1. Megan M.
    Bespoke facial for acne

    "From a teenager, I've suffered from acne. Now I'm 22 and I have been left with bad scarring that is hard to hide - even with makeup.

    This has had a huge impact on my self-esteem.

    After seeing Shane's results posts on social media, I decided to book my first treatment. I could not believe the difference the treatment made after the first session. I have tried so many other treatments that have never worked for me.

    I am currently on my third treatment with Shane and the results continue to get better and better. He really is the skin guru.

    I feel so much more confident in myself, I even wear my hair tied up now."
  1. Rhiannon P.
    Pyramid facelift to target old
    ​acne scarring and resurfacing

    "I had a simply amazing experience with Shane. He made me feel so comfortable especially during my treatment which was quite invasive and not the most comfortable thing to sit through.

    Shane is so confident in what he does and has exceptional product knowledge. I felt really confident with how to care for my skin after I got home and everything he told me about the healing process was spot on.

    I had old and deep scarring and since having only one treatment my skin is looking so much smoother, plump and radiant. It has done wonders for my confidence and I can't wait to continue my journey with this skin guru.

  1. Ranj S.
    Bespoke facial

    "I've always suffered with pigmentation from acne scarring and dark circles around my eyes. Having Asian skin sometimes is difficult to treat.

    I was recommended by a family member to see Shane. The treatment results were instant and made such a difference to my skin.

    Everything looked more even and fresh, as the days went on the results continued to increase!

    Really impressed and didn't feel embarrassed as he made me feel so easy.
  1. Marie H.
    VIP Head-to-Toe treatment
    ​for body and face

    "I read about Shane's marvellous treatments through social media. I was slightly sceptical about what results could be achieved - but after the first treatment, I was totally convinced. 

    I’ve now had a total of five treatments and my self-confidence has improved from both compliments and Shane's 'before and after' photos.

    I can not recommend the lovely Shane and his treatments enough. He has managed to put the sparkle back in my eyes."
  1. Chris P.
    Bespoke facial

    "Shane's facials for guys are incredible.

    Really improved the appearance of my lines and completely freshened up my face.

    Highly recommend."
  1. Lisa C.
    Dermaplaning combined with
    ​Non-Surgical Facelift

    "I love Shane’s dermaplaning Facelift facial as it makes my skin FLAWLESS. Especially before applying makeup, my cheek bones are higher, skin is brighter, higher and lifted. My skin feels as soft as a babies bottom."
  1. Lucy L.
    VIP Head-to-Toe, focusing on the body.

    "Love love love Shane Cooper's full body treatments.

    Having been left with lumpy irregularities from lipo I'd been unable to feel confident in a bikini.

    After just three treatments I have regained my confidence on the beach thanks to Shane’s amazing bespoke treatment."
  1. Ashleigh C.
    Stomach treatment post pregnancy

    "After having my first child my body changed so much. I felt so insecure with the appearance of my stomach due to all the stretch marks and loose skin.

    After having my treatment with Shane I was so amazed. The results have made a huge difference and have made me feel more confident in myself."
  1. Nicky C.
    Bespoke facial for anti-ageing

    "For years my deep lines have always bothered me and made me look older.

    I have tried so many products and other treatments that have never improved them and I’ve always been too scared to go down the Botox/fillers route.

    Now I've been introduced to Shane's bespoke treatments I can honestly say they are the best and he tailored the treatment to my face.

    Not only has he reduced my lines he has completely rejuvenated my skin and made it look the best it's ever been."
  1. Lola J.
    Stomach treatment

    "After seeing Shane's amazing work online using the LipoFirm Pro, I was so excited to book in with him for some treatments on my Mummy Tummy.

    After having 2 children it's so hard to get rid of stretch marks and flabby skin!

    After Just one treatment I could see a big difference in the smoothness of my skin and my stretch marks were a lot less visible!

    The results after 3-4 weeks were even better as I could see more of a reduction in my tummy size and people were commenting on my smaller waist! Really thrilled with the results.
  1. Marie G.
    VIP Head-to-Toe treatment

    "I've been seeing Shane for a while, and since I've had treatments from him I've never looked back.

    His bespoke body treatments are amazing.

    Due to ageing and weight loss, I suffer from excess loose skin and cellulite. I have had six treatments so far and he has transformed my life.

    I feel more confident and happy in my own skin. I can not thank him enough."
  1. Zoe B.
    Bum Lift & thigh treatment to reduce cellulite

    "From a young age, I've always had cellulite. I'm only a size 8, I eat healthily, and I train five times a week as I work in the fitness industry. However, I've never been able to get rid of the cellulite no matter how hard I train.

    I've had three treatments in total and I can't believe the results achieved, I never thought I would be able to get rid of my cellulite.

    My legs look more defined and toned and my bum is lifted and more peachy. Literally life changing."
  1. Hannah S.
    VIP Head-to-Toe treatment

    "I met Shane at a time when I wasn’t feeling good about my body.

    "I had been seriously ill following surgery and had put on weight due to medication and being unable to exercise.

    He made me feel totally at ease and was positive about the changes he could make to my body and face. And he wasn’t wrong.

    I went for the top to toe VIP treatment which he tailored to my needs. The results even after one session were quite incredible!

    "You get results without the need for any invasive surgery."


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